The health resort and the Heroes of Sokołów bridge in Darkov

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Darkov Resort in Karviná has two spa hospitals. The building located near the Olza river and the bridge in Darkov is called the „old health resort” and it really deserves such a name in comparison with the newer rehabilitation spa sanatorium located in Karviná-Granice. It is also the oldest Czech resort located near iodine-bromine waters. The name “old health resort” means only that it was established before the second one, as both facilities have high-class equipment and use the most modern healing methods and wellness treatments. The resort is surrounded by the Spa Park located in the historical part of the city and connected with the palace park. The spa area ends near the Darkov arch bridge, built in 1925 in place of the wooden bridge. In 2003, the bridge went through a technologically complicated rebuild, as the entire structure was raised by 2 metres above the water level from a century prior. In 2014, the silhouette of the bridge was captured on a golden commemorative coin issued by the Czech National Bank.

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